Flexible Financing with Afterpay

Elevate your wall transformation experience with Afterpay – your trusted partner in secure and versatile payment solutions.

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How It Works

Embrace the power of Afterpay to initiate your wall transformation today and enjoy the choice of deferred payment or spreading costs over manageable instalments, all without incurring interest or additional charges. At checkout, simply opt for your preferred payment approach, and you'll be guided to log in or create an account with Afterpay.

Once your purchase is complete, we'll promptly dispatch your order as usual, and a comprehensive email from Afterpay will guide you through the next steps.

Secure and Trusted

Rest easy knowing that Afterpay adheres to the highest industry standards in safeguarding your information and executing seamless payments. Our selection of Afterpay as our financial partner underscores their commitment to security. Both entities require your verification for transactions, fortified by robust anti-fraud protocols, ensuring the confidentiality of your data.

Explore Payment Options

Split Payments into 4 with Afterpay

Divide your total into four interest-free instalments, elegantly spaced over the span of four weeks. Your initial payment will be processed upon order confirmation, with three subsequent payments automatically scheduled for 30 and 60 days later.

Pay in 30 Days with Afterpay

Secure your order now and defer the full, interest-free payment for up to 30 days – a schedule that can be automatic or customized to your preference. Experience your order in the comfort of your space before committing to payment.

Spread Costs over 6 Weeks with Afterpay

Opt for financial ease by dividing the expense into six weekly interest-free instalments. Begin by making your first payment upon order placement, and the remaining payments will be automatically processed on your designated day over the next five weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For in-depth insights into Afterpay's diverse payment options, consult their Help Center here.

Please note, Afterpay's payment solutions comprise unregulated credit agreements without interest or fees. While borrowing responsibly is encouraged, any missed or late payments could incur penalties and potentially affect your future credit prospects.

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